Fly Fishing School Franconian Switzerland

Welcome to full-guided fly-fishing school in the Franconian Switzerland. Fly fishing between steep cliffs and green pastures. The Wiesent River Valley in the Franconian Switzerland - a classic fly fishing area. Brown trout and grayling includes this interesting spot in respectable quantities, even beyond the 40 brands that can spawn here with a good water quality. We teach in the fly-fishing season from March 1st. to  November 30th., daily from Monday to Sunday. We will train you in Waischenfeld / Muggendorf after the famous HSL method according to CHARLES RITZ. We also provide customer equipment, knots and entomology, double move, parachute cast, roll cast, snake roll, zurückgestoppter throw Überkopfwurf, side throw.

Do you know "rich trout"? Read So, you have them already - fat and lazy, lying on the ground river fish, stuffed to the brim with mayflies - occasionally showing 'time fluke - something splash around, play with the flying - but only for fun and totally not for the sake of eating ... But really live and you had not even seen such a hustle and bustle ... Welcome to the beautiful Wiesent River Valley.